Over the last 15 years, Liz has accumulated a wide variety of experience with connecting communities and helping people to find their place, both as a skilled marketer and a professional musician.  Through her ties, she has built strong relationships and continues to help her clients build their audiences and grow their businesses.


“Liz is a smart, efficient and creative publicist and organizer of events. She has a special combination of talents that include an ability to see the big picture, an awareness of the important details, a proficiency in both new and old media, and a creative brain that comes up with new angles to catch the attention of the public. I highly recommend her.” 
Margie Boule, Freelance writer, actor, and public speaker


“I have always been struck by how well Liz is able to program events so that people are entertained and happily stay in their seats. Performers are, by definition, marketers. You’ve got to believe in the story you’re telling in order to create a believable show, and Liz has this ability to the max! Energetic, reliable, detail-oriented and caring, Liz will help you create and then sell your story. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a marketing specialist.” 
Brenda Stevens, Educational Non-Profit Development Specialist/Editor/Grantwriter

“Liz’s creative thinking and graphic skills helped elevate our proposal design and layout, and her friendly and humorous disposition made her an absolute joy to work with. She is an excellent listener and has an innate ability to synthesize information into small and helpful sound bites.”  
Erin Riddle, KLiK Concepts


“This is one busy girl who manages her full schedule exceedingly well, with a lot of projects juggling at once.  All business, when it’s called for, I can count on her to make and keep appointments promptly, get her creative work done and leave with a few laughs along the way. (So she’ll work hard, but always make it fun. How can you not like that?)  A self-promoter with a lot of success, it makes sense she’d offer her services to others. No shortage of tenacity and a drive to succeed, she’ll be a promoting force to recon with.”  
Kurt Misar, Owner at MUSICWoRKS