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The "why" behind everything we do is making our clients happy. 

The Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation contracted Liz at Oh! Creative for our Portland Train Day event. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with her, and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to our team. She is honest, dependable, and very task-oriented.

Liz coordinated our media relations, food vendors, musical talent, and over all project management for our events. 2016 was our inaugural event where she helped establish its precedence. In 2017, we had a dramatic increase in attendance with her efforts to get the word out to the public. Both of these events were staged in a minimal amount of time and delivered to the vision of what ORHF requested. The success of these two projects were driven in large part to Liz’s determination and ability to adapt to changing situations.
— Jeffrey Knapp | Portland Train Day Coordinator, Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation
“Oh! Creative is wonderful! Liz and Kenton are very talented individuals. It is as if they pulled the vision of our project out of my head and made it into reality. Working with them was very easy. They are organized, responsive, and most of all, very skilled at what they do. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”
— Maya Crawford Peacock | Executive Director Campaign for Equal Justice
Liz is an extremely skilled marketer and has incredible inter-personal skills. I had the pleasure of working with Liz on a benefit concert to raise money for a local musician who was the victim of gun violence. Liz’s leadership on that event was the driving factor that helped raise over $42,000 dollars on extremely short notice, as well as coordinating dozens of volunteers and performers to create a concert that Oregon Arts Watch called “...a celebration of the powerful spirit of community that knits so much of this unusually collaborative musical community together.”

She is a pleasure to work with and her results are always impressive. I can’t recommend her enough.
— Tyler Bradford | Web Operations Specialist | Lewis & Clark College
You jumped in with such faith and positive energy....buoying me up in my groggiest mornings, and helping us to capture the story in so many ways. The fact that we pulled-off getting the video of Brian Cox doing the Cerimon monologue for upcoming PR use? - yet another example of the everyday miracles that we can pull out of hats with the power of curiosity and commitment.
— Randall Stuart | Executive Director, Cerimon House
Oh! Creative has been an amazing partner during this first year of business. They worked with me on everything from branding to venue decisions and everything in between. I sincerely believe that Cabaret White would not be enjoying this success without Oh! Thank you to Liz Bacon Brownson and the entire Oh! Creative team!
— Darcy White | Founder and Artistic Director, Cabaret White
Liz Bacon Brownson and her team at Oh! Creative are a dream to work with! They help me stay true to my brand and work with me to realize my vision. This year alone I have re-branded, reworked my presentations and keynotes and grown my social media tribe exponentially. Oh! creative is a valuable part of my business support system and I highly recommend them!
— Kelli Jaecks | Owner, Kelli Jaecks Verbal Impact
I have always been struck by how well Liz is able to program events so that people are entertained and happily stay in their seats. Performers are, by definition, marketers. You’ve got to believe in the story you’re telling in order to create a believable show, and Liz has this ability to the max! Energetic, reliable, detail-oriented and caring, Liz will help you create and then sell your story. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a marketing specialist.

— Brenda Stevens | Educational Non-Profit Development Specialist/Editor/Grantwriter
This is one busy girl who manages her full schedule exceedingly well, with a lot of projects juggling at once. All business, when it’s called for, I can count on her to make and keep appointments promptly, get her creative work done and leave with a few laughs along the way. (So she’ll work hard, but always make it fun. How can you not like that?) A self-promoter with a lot of success, it makes sense she’d offer her services to others. No shortage of tenacity and a drive to succeed, she’ll be a promoting force to recon with.
— Kurt Misar | Owner at MUSICWoRKS