Grant Writing


Writing a grant proposal can be time consuming and difficult. Gathering all the research, data, people and resources is often complex. Oh! Creative will work closely with you to understand your program objectives and needs. We can provide guidance for you to develop your own proposal or we can assume responsibility for planning the grant program design, developing the narrative, designing the program evaluation, developing the budget, and submitting the proposal.

Strategy can make all the difference. We help you to demystify the process and enable you to confidently approach prospective funding partners and dynamically tell your organization’s story. Our strategic and organized approach will help you make the most compelling ask to win grants.

What you can expect. A typical federal grant application—including partner/ meeting facilitation, research and writing—requires 100-120 hours to prepare and submit. Most corporate and private foundation proposals take between 30-65 hours to develop. Letters of inquiry may take from 4-12 hours depending on the complexity. Oh! Creative will take the time to assess your specific grant writing needs, and help you develop a strategy to put your best foot forward when seeking funding assistance for your project.  

Proposal Development & Submittal

  • Strategize your approach—No matter where we focus, the process always starts with your organization’s mission, current priorities, and needs.

  • Research prospects—investigate funding prospects' priorities to tailor approach, messaging, and timing.

  • Write proposals—craft customized letters of intent and full-length proposals using compelling stories and statistics about your organization’s needs and successes. 

Editing/Technical Assistance

Complete editing of client prepared proposals, as well as formatting and technical assistance.

Strategic Planning Services


Find out how our strategic planning services can help take your business to the next level.

We provide your organization with a game plan to achieve specific goals and objectives. We work with you and explore your mission, vision, value, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and establish key objectives and focus areas, and action plans.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Oh! Creative’s Strategic Marketing Plan is designed to provide your organization with a game plan to achieve specific goals and objectives. This plan includes dedicated support, training, and design services.

Task 1 - Preliminary Marketing Plan

Task 1 includes:
1.1) Kick-off meeting with your organization to create initial project framework
1.2) Development of Preliminary Marketing Plan
1.3) Workshop with your organization to refine the Preliminary Marketing Plan
1.4) Development and presentation of Schematic Marketing Plan.

Task 2 - Schematic Marketing Plan

Task 2 includes:
2.1) Workshop with your organization to refine the Schematic Marketing Plan
2.2) Development and presentations of Oh!’s Recommended Strategic Marketing Plan

Task 3 - Final Marketing Plan with Next Steps

Task 3 includes:
3.1) Workshop with your organization for final recommendations.
3.2) Develop Final Strategic Marketing Plan
3.3) Present Final Strategic Marketing Plan

CLICK HERE for an example of an Oh! Creative Strategic Marketing Plan