Liz Bacon Brownson

Creative Director, Founder

Liz brings over 20 years of marketing, brand management, event planning and relationship building expertise to her clients. Her proven track record of success in project management and implementation, community outreach, and creative solutions in a wide array of business and mission-oriented environments keeps her in steady demand throughout the region.

Creative and team-focused, Liz’s ability to listen to her client’s wants, understand their needs, and over-deliver on the high quality results they expect, is based in her uniquely powerful communication skills, ability to adapt to changing priorities, and big-picture visioning. A natural leader, Liz inspires her team with her positive attitude, strong work ethic, and her prowess in telling the compelling story of each and every client and project she undertakes.

Other Skills include: Video Producer, Graphic Designer

RANDOM AND AMAZING THINGS ABOUT LIZ: A classically trained singer, Liz can harmonize to ANYTHING, ANYTIME. Professional mouth trumpeter.


Nicholas Brownson


Nicholas is responsible for managing and maintaining all the systems that make Oh! Creative work. His skills also provide backend infrastructure support that help all of our client’s projects sail smoothly. Before coming to Oh! Creative, Nicholas Brownson was a sales professional with 20+ years experience in the high tech world.

With a solid, operationally-sound approach, Nicholas’ expertise in IT and security software makes him an integral part of the Oh! Creative team.

Other Skills include: Production assistant, drone pilot, handyman

RANDOM AND AMAZING THINGS ABOUT NICHOLAS: When he’s not running the systems at Oh! Creative, you can find him running the waterfront, chasing his goal to complete all the legs of Hood to Coast (he’s 15 for 36!), or cooking something new and interesting, or just building a random spreadsheet because, well, who doesn’t love spreadsheets?!


Beth Madsen Bradford

Brand Communications Strategist

You’re doing great things, and you want people to know about them. Beth can help you effectively tell your organization’s story. From grant writing to social media content development services, she specializes in helping companies use digital tools to have a stronger digital presence that will generate leads and better connect with their customers. Beth’s passion in life is connecting people, and her work reflects that passion.  

Beth has shaped brand architecture, created content, produced events, driven social media strategy, and built communities for small businesses, nonprofits and large corporate brands.

Other Skills include: Voiceover artist, baker of delicious cakes

RANDOM AND AMAZING THINGS ABOUT BETH: fraternal twin, classically trained opera singer, artsy/crafty cat lady, ukulele jammer, gives excellent hugs, Mom to the greatest kid on the planet.