The Cobbler's Children Have No Shoes...


A plumber's house always has a dripping tap.
A blacksmith's home only has wooden spoons.
At the potter's house, water is served in a broken jug.

Proverbs abound on this one. The idea is that someone with a specific skill is often too busy assisting others that their own affairs go unattended.

My Inspiration

Kenton, a director I work with, wrote this in a recent blogpost: "...according to one of my producers (Liz), blogs are crucial to keeping the analytics of a website on the upswing."

Brilliant advice, Liz. 

"Do you have a blog?" He asks me later.

"Not for a while now, no. I just haven't taken the time. I'm so busy, after all. ...It''s like those cobbler's children--no shoes," I stammer. 

"Well, looks like you have your next blog post title." my wise friend says, "start a new blog - just force yourself and do it, Liz."

He's so bossy. And so right.

Why Blog?

Im constantly telling clients that a clean, well-written blog is a great way to drive traffic and promote your brand. But what does that even mean? I mean, it's true, but I'm weary of all the buzz words. Simply put, blogs are a fairly simple way to say to the world, "Hey, y'all. Im here. I know what Im talking about. Also, Google - pay attention to me." 

Also - simply having a blog on your website improves your rating with Google over 400% That's good enough reason as any, methinks.

The lady who sells fans, fans herself with her hands.

Maybe it’s my fear of possibly not being engaging enough, or feeling incapable of creating the type of content that I encourage my clients to create that has kept me from doing this. Or maybe i AM too busy. But I know too much to not - so...

"Hey, y'all..."

More soon. 

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